Welcome to Royal Heritage Haveli, a distinctive experience of luxurious hospitality, perfected over generations.

Royal heritage Haveli is a boutique hotel originally built in the 18th century by His Highness, Madho Singhji of Jaipur.The feel, ambiance and openness of the grand old building has been carefully maintained and enhanced.

The most wonderful suites tastefully restored to their former glory with beautiful painting and tile work – the Royal Heritage Haveli offers a sea of calm after your sightseeing in the beautiful pink city. Tasteful pieces of furniture occupy strategic areas while modern amenities lie peacefully amongst silk & velvet upholstery on handpicked, traditional furniture that adorns each, well appointed suite.

The Suites at Royal Heritage Haveli are masterpieces of exquisite luxury and features a plethora of services, making your stay truly relaxed, comfortable and pampered, and giving a new refined meaning to the hospitality industry. This beautifully restored haveli is a great choice for those looking for warm, personalized attention and a soothing stay in Jaipur. The suites are absolutely beautiful, decorated and restored tastefully with everything you would expect from any top hotel: toiletries, water, minibar, coffee & tea making. The rooms are designed with a real feeling of regal Jaipur and yet the overall impression is not imposing, but comfortable. Rooms in this boutique property also include minutiae like free Wi-Fi, an electric tea kettle and a refrigerator.

Unwind in our spacious, delightfully appointed guest rooms where “home comforts” take on a whole new meaning. Come & take a leisurely walk down memory lane. It will take you into the grandeur & charm of a bygone era. And be prepared to be pampered right from the beginning of your stay.