Popularly known as Pink City, now Jaipur will be recognized by one more name worldwide. Having joined Unesco’s Creative Cities Network, as the first city in the country, it will choose a name from a set criteria by Unesco to suit its field of excellence and be known by it across the globe. The fields of excellence are classified into categories of literature, film, music, craft and folk art, design, media arts and gastronomy.

As Jaipur has rich craft and architectural designs, the officials have come up with names like Unesco Design City or Craft City for Jaipur. Gastronomy has also been kept as the third option as Jaipur is even famous for great food and many good places to eat.

Once Jaipur joins the Creative Cities Network it will be known with the name designated by Unesco among the member cities. Also, other countries will know us with the same name. It will also give chance to local artists to visit other countries that are a part of this network.

Any guesses! Which of the above  names suit the Jaipur most!!