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Royal heritage Haveli is a distinctly designed and restored haveli to capture a different mood and period. It offers 9 rooms, all stunningly restored suites, which were the chambers of the former Maharaja. No two rooms are same in size, colour and interiors.  Use of rich fabrics and silk drapes draw from the colourful art and warm hues of the state of Rajasthan.

The guests find themselves quickly immersed in the beauty of this refined and thoughtfully restored palace. Each richly renovated room has opulent interiors with unique themes. However one thing that steals the attention in rooms is impressive blue pottery tiles.

However one thing that steals the attention in rooms is impressive blue pottery tiles.  All the bathrooms are done with handmade Jaipur Blue Pottery with the same theme as was used & done earlier, but keeping in mind the basic comforts, which is a must.


Blue pottery is another traditional pottery art which has flourished globally with enormous potential. Blue pottery though Turko-Persian in origin is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur. Legend has it that blue pottery came to Jaipur in the early 19th century when Sawai Ram Singhji II (1835 – 1880) set up a school of Art and encouraged artists and craftsmen from all over the country to come and settle here in Jaipur – a tradition started by his fore-fathers. Blue Pottery is based on ground quartz. The dough is pressed into moulds and the unfired pieces are hand painted with oxide colors, dipped in clear glaze and fired once in wooden kilns. The process is very tedious and time consuming. Not only did it require time and patience but also money.


The Royal heritage Haveli enchants everyone with its intrinsic blue pottery and royal ambiance that still floats in the air. Enjoy a vacation from the mundane with the exceptional hospitality, perfected over generations at Royal Heritage Haveli. Our home and our heart are open to you!