The historic city of Jaipur stands out as one of the most spectacular and culturally vibrant destinations in the world. A city of deserts, royalty, craft, and culture, Jaipur and its people thrive in their vibrant and awe-inspiring surroundings. The people adorn traditional attires that reflect their free spirits and pompous past.

The Pink colour signifies the romanticism of a bygone era cherished and kept alive by the people of Jaipur. Set against the magnificent backdrop of majestic forts and palaces, the city is significant of the lingering romance for life, art, music, and literature that was upheld by the rulers of this princely state.

Swirling skirts, colorful turbans, intricate leatherwork, mirrors, and more, Jaipur is perhaps one of the only cities in the India that reflects the fusion of modernity and heritage this beautifully. It is no wonder then that today, celebrities, tourists, and guests from all over the world mark the “Pink City” high on their priority list of places to travel. Royalty and high culture still exist in the city in its grandiose palaces and buildings, but there is a simplicity that coexists amongst the people.

Visitors staying at Royal Heritage Haveli can get a glimpse into the regal past of the city, the way people were treated with warmth and hospitality that has overwhelmed the millions that walked its streets still persist.

The timeless appeal of the city lies in its fairytale palaces, rugged fortresses, kaleidoscopic attires, and the genuine warmth that the people of Jaipur exhibit.

A city that is marked by festivals, rituals, music, traditions, and an old world charm, Jaipur and its people revel in their inheritance. Perhaps this is why the city of gems has found a place as a shining example of culture, royalty, progress, and tradition, all rolled into one.

Marvel at the inner & outer beauty and experience the ethnicity of the city and its people during your stay at Royal Heritage Haveli!