The city of Jaipur itself is a riot of color, pomp and pageantry. To a lifestyle that is a fanfare of festivities and celebrations.

Jaipur is a magical city that encloses within its walls all the color and charm of the exotic and romantic land of Rajasthan. The city still retains its old world glory and charm and it is in the backdrop of such a stupendous city that the all important Kite Festival is held.

Kite festival is celebrated every year on January 14 on the day of “Makar Sakranti “.On this day kites are flown in the sky at Jaipur. During this time city markets are flooded with shops selling Kites, manjha, sadhaa & charkhi.

All the people are on their roof tops enjoying the warmth of the winter sun and flying kites. The kites are of many designs and the fun part is that you try to cut each other’s kite and shout on top of your voice” I cut that kite” or “Who Kaatte”!!

But wait, when you cut the kite the others run around to grab the cut kite and fly it. You can see people of all ages on the roof tops with their heads turned into the sky. In Jaipur kites virtually blot out the sky. Everyone joins in this riotous celebration.

As you’ve probably guessed, this is one day when the skies above the city come alive with kites – in a hundred different colours, shapes and sizes, fluttering and darting above the rooftops, triumphantly cutting another kite’s string, and soaring way up above the earth.

There is no celebration considered complete unless and until rich food is served among friends, family and relatives. The festival of Makar Sankranti is also not different from the other Indian festivals. Lots of cooking takes place on this day as well. Tik ke laddoo, rewedi, dal ki pakodi are few to name.

The fun of Kite flying is enjoyed for over a week in Jaipur.

Royal Heritage Haveli is waiting to welcome you all for Kite Flying with some delicious food & warm hospitality.