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Historical sights, culture, festivals, art forms, traditions, and the eclectic mix of people. Yes,  we are talking about Jaipur.But do you know apart from this side of the city the modern Jaipur continues to grow as new arcades, multiplexes, malls, gardens, hotels, industrial units, hospitals, flyovers are being laid out. All the major airlines are operating two & from Jaipur. It has shown distinguish progress infrastructurally.The cleaner and greener Jaipur has some beautiful roads with statues in stone and metal displayed at prominent places.

Jaipur has been home to industries such as gems, jewellery, and textiles but now it is getting ready for tech savvy sector like IT, BPO and KPO in a big way. It has also emerged as the most sought after destination for royal weddings, film, shoots, and international events.

Jaipur is a culturally vibrant city. Culture is what people do and how they are. The culture of Jaipur is well blended with tradition and modern. Jaipur show colors of Rajasthan culture at one hand and cosmopolitan in the other.

Hotel Royal Heritage Haveli cordially invites you to Jaipur to experience this rich culture of royal Rajasthan.  Royal Heritage Haveli is fully suited to help you meet the challenges of today, without missing the charm of a more gracious and elegant pace of life from a time gone by.

Allow us to introduce you to the traditional ethnicity as well as to the modern way of life of this beautiful city that resides in the culturally rich state called Rajasthan.