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Rajasthan has a history full of brave men and honorable women. Honour, valour, chivalry, compassion are some of the major values of Rajasthani people. These values are propagated to younger generations through folklores in form of songs, dance and puppet shows.

Dhola-Maroo is an epic love saga of Rajasthani folk tales. Often represented in dance and song forms, this love story is as heart-wrenching as it is bewitching.

The story revolves around Dhola, prince of Narvar and Maroo, princess of Poogal. They were married in childhood, which was a common tradition in Rajasthan. With his father’s death, Dhola forgets about the marriage and remarries with another princess, Malwani. Maroo, on the other hand, waits for her prince. Many messages are sent to Dhola to remind him about his marriage to Maroo, but Malwani never allow any message to reach him.

The king of Poogal then sends a group of folk singers to Narvar by trickery and they succeed in reminding Dhola about his marriage to Maroo. Deeply regretting his mistake, Dhola overcomes the hurdles created by Malwani and Umar Sumar (who was keen to marry Maroo) and arrives at Poogal. He apologizes to Maroo and her parents and gets re-united with Maroo.

As Dhola and Maroo set on their journey back to Narvar, Maroo is bitten by a serpent. In grief, Dhola decides to set himself to fire. By divine intervention a group of saints hears to his wails and they bless Maroo with life through their magical powers.


Umar Sumar tries to kill Dhola again, but this time Dhola-Maroo escapes by riding on a wonderful flying camel gifted by the group of saints to them.

Overcoming all the difficulties, Dhola-Maroo finally reaches to their state of Narvar and receives a grand welcome from their people. Malwani also regrets her past actions and accepts Maroo as her sister.

The story of Dhola-Maroo praises the dedication and patience of Maroo, the valor of Dhola and their undying love for each other.